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Activate Your Soul Mission
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Do you have a deep desire to really Impact Humanity?

Do you feel you have something blocking you and want to blast through those blocks so that you can be living your Heart's Desires?

I am here to help you. My mission is to help mission Souls really step into their soul’s purpose so that you can really help humanity in this time of awakening. 

Activate your soul’s mission, align to your higher self and high council, call in your soul’s tribe and impact them with so much love and devotion so you can walk our path of Destiny. 

The first session is all about finding out what is blocking you from your Soul’s Mission. 

We all have limiting beliefs, fears and programs that are holding us back from being our true selves.

These unconscious limiting blocks and stories can cause stress, anxiety, depression, disease and lack of joy, that can block us from our soul mission. 

The Body Flow Energetics Method allows us to access the subconscious mind directly to release these blocks quickly with a deep energetic healing process using light codes frequencies. This helps you step into freedom in your life, by removing negative patterns and breaking free from old beliefs so you can live in harmony with yourself and others and your soul mission. 

Together with Body Flow Energetics Method and Galactic Activation of Light Language we investigate and clear anything non-beneficial in our body, field, and align you to your soul’s mission. This is a very powerful tool to step into 100% of Your Soul, 100% of Your Sovereignty, so that you can begin to receive codes for your mission.

Embody the frequency of abundance that speaks to the heart of your soul-mate clients and call them into their highest timeline of mission, impact and abundance!

This is for you if you’re already doing well with our products, service, offerings and you’re wanting to get off the cash flow rollercoaster and shift into graceful business growth with consistent income and even more time freedom activated!

You’re already doing well and you’re wanting to NEXT LEVEL in your Mission, Impact and Abundance!

Here is how it works:

Choose one of the two offers below

Anna Willey Activate Your Souls Mission

Activate Your Soul’s Mission!

Anna Willey Activate Your Souls Mission

Package of 4 sessions

Session 1

Activate Your Souls Mission with Light Language Activation

- Using the Body Flow Energetics Method will harness the power of quantum physics and ancient universal laws to transform any blocks and limitations rapidly
- Release any slave codes that is stopping you from stepping into your power and soul work
- Delete, Uncreate and De-Story anything that is stopping you from negative programs that is non beneficial to your soul’s Mission
- Connect you to your High Self - Calling in 100% Soul, 100% of your Sovereignty

Session 2

Activate Dormant Codes for Your Product or Service in the Quantum

- Activate your Soul Mission and Calling Your Codes in Creating your Product or Service
- Connect you to Your High Councils that is here to support you

Session 3

Connect you to Your High Councils that is here to support you

- Connect you to Your High Councils that is here to support you or Energetic clearing your business - Website, Emails, All Your Online Portals to all in your Soul Tribe

Session 4

Activate and Magnetize Your Soul Tribe to amplify your Impact

- Activate and Magnetize Your Soul Tribe to amplify your Impact



Light language Activation to Activate your DNA

Bonus - Light language Activation to Activate your DNA - Unplug from the 3D Matrix & Activate your DNA. So you can align with New Earth Templates, to access more of your soul mission and purpose.

Thank you Anna for helping me shift issues and blocks that have allowed me to take the next exciting step in my journey.

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I’m Lorraine and the owner and creator of Emerging To Light. I had been guided to produce beautiful inspirational cards and in the process of creating a Journal for daily musings and inner thoughts.

After having produced a sample range of these cards I felt I needed to get them out there. But how was the big question.

I have known Anna for a number of years and have watched her power through in creating her passion, purpose and reality. Anna has done this with love and belief that ALL is attainable.

After meeting up with Anna recently and sharing information about her work with The Body Flow Energetics, I knew this was my next step and booked a session with Anna.

Anna took me through a process of activating my Soul’s Mission. The space we shared was sacred, relaxed and the frequency of the energy was amazing. It seemed just right to have this experience and wonderful to hear Anna channelling her light language.

After the session I slept for about an hour and woke feeling amazing, relaxed and balanced and grounded.

So, I am very happy to report that I am taking a huge leap of faith and getting my cards printed in a quantity that made my heart flutter. I knew if I didn’t jump off that cliff and go for it I was not fulfilling my purpose and passion.

Thank you Anna for helping me shift issues and blocks that have allowed me to take the next exciting step in my journey.

With so much love and gratitude Lorraine

Anna Willey Aleisha

Since my session with Anna my mental health has improved, Anna helped me to set a morning routine that was for me.

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I’m Aleisha I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and I run my own business and am a busy mum of two little ones.

I believe that when you ask the universe, the universe will provide answers and I was struggling with my own health in all aspects and I asked the universe for guidance and help, within the day Anna’s post popped up on my local community page and I didn’t even read the whole post, I knew this was my sign, I messaged her straight away and I’m so glad I did.

Since my session with Anna, my mental health has improved, Anna helped me to set a morning routine that was for me.  Anna took the time to get to know me and she is so welcoming, I felt like I had known her for years. Anna talked me through each step of the process and the things that she explained made so much sense.

I am excited to have more sessions with Anna, to see how far I can grow my business in the future.
So thankful to have met Anna

For the Ones:


Anna Willey Louise

She Knows the secret sauce to a
successful business.

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Louise Knight

Master NLP Practitioner and LIfe Coach Founder of Create Family Happiness

Anna’s open-hearted way of being allows others to BE with people in an empowering way. She has the leadership skills, tools, experience, and vision to lead individuals and teams in a connected, cohesive, soulful manner.

She has a great business acumen. Not only does she love the details, KPI’s and figures, but Anna also works in the Quantum field and is very assigned to her mission. She Knows the secret sauce to a successful business.

After working with Anna, I embodied my sovereignty, I received my Queen codes and bought my gifts online so that I can help clear energy and entities easily from a client in my workshops.

I believe the work we did together has enabled me to assist this beautiful soul release this non-beneficial entity that wasn’t serving her. This work is truly powerful and Anna’s Activations are very high level.

I would highly recommend working with Anna and her programs as I am so honoured to be one of her clients.  Louise

Hello Beloved Heart!

Hi, My name is Anna Willey ✨✨✨

I Am a heart Centred Entrepreneur, 5D Business & Evolution Mentor, Visionary, New Earth Leader and founder of Anna Willey International.

I have over 25 years immersed in Business with a strong background in Sales, Operations, Leadership & Marketing. I have been devoted and obsessed with Personal & Spiritual Development my whole life, activating my codes and the ability to channel light language to support my clients for their Growth and Evolution.

I am an energy worker, a Star-seed and I Channel my Guides, High Councils & Collective and together I use Light language to activate and upgrade my clients. Deactivating outdated codes and Activating dormant codes to upgrade the human experience to Embody Heaven on Earth.

Anna Willey About

I co-create with my High Councils and together we serve humanity so that we can raise the consciousness and vibe on Earth, create a world where manifestation dreams, goals and desires are the norm.

My soul’s mission and passion is to support Galactic Souls to Activate their codes to remember who they are and create an Abundant, joyful business and Life that they truly love.

Together we can live a life of Divine Service, Freedom, Abundance, Connections, Love and Sovereignty.

It would be an honour to support you in your business so you can unlock your full Divine expressions and expand your capacity to receive more of your Soul’s Mission so that you can impact more of your dream clients.

AND shift you into full alignment with your Soul and Mission to Live the most DELICIOUS Life.