How to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest FASTER

I get asked this question a lot. “How can I raise my vibration and Manifest Fast?” The Quick Answer is – Consistent Manifestation is The Embodiment of Unconditional Love❤️❤️❤️ Philosophy – Unconditional love – seeing yourself as healed and whole.  Key: To live on the frequency of what you wish to create.  Frequency – Love […]

My Divine Energetic Sales and Influence Journey

Hi, I’m Anna Willey. I am a Business Coach. I specialise in helping Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Change Makers, Healers and 10X, 20X, 40X your sales and impact more lives.  If you are striving to Make more consistent sales to have more freedom in your business, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and […]

Follow Your Hearts Desires

Follow Your Hearts Desires Is the Key to your Destiny And Know – IT IS DONE!!! Now more than ever it’s time to come home Back into our hearts and connecting to Our soul, to our high council We are not here to do this alone We have our beloved team We all chose each […]

What is Soul Blueprint?

Your soul blueprint is like no other.  No two are alike, making each person’s journey unique and special in their own way–just as it should be!  When you begin living more closely aligned with your true self (that’s where all of those talents lie), using the knowledge contained within this amazing book called “Soul,”  Your […]

How to Become a Magnetic Sales Queen a Divine Influencer

If you’re like most heart-centred entrepreneurs, you really don’t enjoy the thought of selling your products or services. It feels icky, pushy and inauthentic.  But what if I told you that you could become a magnetic sales queen without having to change who you are?  All it takes is some simple mindset shifts and proven […]

My Journey into 3D Matrix & Consciousness

Anna Willey Blog

My Soul chose an abusive relationship (emotional and physical) and this experience to give me the most rapid opportunity for growth. Relationships mirror to each other the difference of opinion. When our souls choose the most abusive relationship because we have to stand in our own integrity and authenticity. The Gift we give others in […]

What is 5D Business?

Hello Beautiful Soul, What is 5D Business? 5D Business Model is a Business that Benefits the Communities and The Planet, Creating Unity Consciousness. We came here to watch the crumbling of the Old World. We knew we were born into the Matrix System of Control. Financial SystemEconomic SystemsEducation SystemBusiness SystemsSocial SystemsFood SupplyPharmaceutical & Health SystemsEtc… […]