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Level One - Channelling & Galactic 101

Evolution is always constant and there is so
much more to experience.

Most of us now know the benefits of meditation, connecting to our non physical family is simply the next step. Evolution is always constant and there is so much more to experience.

Learn Why we connect to our High Council, Ascended Masters, our alternative Self in different realities. 

This program is for you if you have a deep, deep desire to learn about Star Races, Angels, Arc Angels, Galactic Family of Light, Ascended Masters, Our Beloved Mother Earth and Totem animals.  

This is for anyone who wants to learn more about our beloved Galactic Family and you don’t need to be a business owner to enrol. 

This Online Program is coming soon.


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Level Two - The Galactic Online Program

Calling in Your Multidimensional Connections to
remember who you are.

Activate Your Heart Portal to Receive Light codes into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this grid of Divine Love within and around you holding the New Earth Templates. 

These are 8 Beautiful Activations to connect you to your loving heart to receive codes, sacred geometry and sound frequencies to connect with our beloved Galactic Family.

Receive upgrades to embody 100% of soul and 100% of sovereignty. You don’t need to be a business owner to enrol into this program. You simply have the desire to Awaken your multidimensional Divine Self And Remember who you ARE.

These Galactic Activations are:

Each attunement is done in the form of an invocation following an initial introduction. Each attunement is approximately 22-30 minutes, additionally, you will experience a light encoded transmission.


Anna Willey

Level Three - Priestess of the Golden Age of Miracles Online Program

Anchoring New Earth Templates for the
Golden Age of Miracles.

Advanced Evolution and Ascension Teachings

This Online Program is coming soon.

Unity Consciousness

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Body Flow Energetic Sessions

Accelerate Your Evolution Accelerate Your Health

Bring You Back to Balance & Harmony
1:1 Body Flow Energetics – Kinesiology – Online or face-to-face sessions are available.

Body Flow Energetics is a 5D Energetic Healing in combination with Kinesiology muscle testing to detect imbalances and blockages in your mind, body and spirit fast. Once this happens we use quantum physics and light codes frequencies based techniques to restore balance by releasing negative emotions, subconscious limiting beliefs and physical trauma stored in your cells affecting your mind-body connection activating dormat DNA.

Embodying Heaven on Earth!!
Following Your Heart's Desires Always,
With Love Anna xo