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Follow Your Hearts Desires

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Follow Your Hearts Desires

Is the Key to your Destiny

And Know – IT IS DONE!!!

Now more than ever it’s time to come home

Back into our hearts and connecting to

Our soul, to our high council

We are not here to do this alone

We have our beloved team

We all chose each other a long time ago

To come together in this lifetime to

Support humanity in this time of awakening

It is time to remember who we really are

It is time to heal and alchemise our traumas

In this lifetime and past lifetimes

It is time to regenerate our cells and

Activate 12 Strands of DNA

For the purpose of calling back our

Multidimensional remembrance

So that we can be courageous

And Shine our Light

It is time to Embody our soul Essence

Our Soul Blueprint

It is time to do the inner alchemy work

It is time to Embody our soul into our physical body

It’s time to Activate our Multidimensional Connections

So that we can feel safe and supported

To receive guidance towards our DESTINY

Humanity needs you now more than ever before!

It is time to Rise!!!

We are supported!!

We Are Loved!

We are here to Anchor in

The Golden Age of Miracles together

My High council told me there is no hierarchy

We are here co-creation with our soul

And our High Council together

Ask for guidance and support Everyday

Cultivate a relationship with them

The connection will become stronger and

Stronger Every Day

To all my soul sisters & brothers

I honour you

I am here to support you

Through this time of great awakening

I have done so much inner work

I have been alchemising my emotions

I have wept for myself and for humanity

Every day I do my inner work

I’m remembering past lives

The lives where I have been initiated

For this specific lifetime

I’m following my hearts desires

I am here to remind you to

Follow your hearts desires reach out as I have

Many tools I can help you create our world

I am birthing many offerings to support you

In creating your best year Yet for 2022 and beyond

My dear friends Watch this space

I serve my high council, as I serve myself &

The whole of creation Always

So my dear beloved brothers & sisters

I call you in

Come and join me

Together we dance and weave in

The New Earth Templates

Together we rise

Together we co-create The Golden Age of Miracles

If you are still finding your way

Ask yourself “What is my destiny for this lifetime?”

“What is my piece of the puzzle”

“What is my highest excitement”

And choose that path

Imagine a world where we all follow our

Hearts desires are ACTUALLY doing what we Love

Imagine a world we live for the good

Of the Planet in Unity Consciousness 

We chose to be here to see the old world crumble

To take part and anchor in the New Earth

Humanity will look back and remember us

Let’s create a magnificent world together

Let’s Anchoring in the new Earth Templates together

For our children and the children of tomorrow

For a better world

It begins with us

You have chosen to be here for a purpose

I know you can feel this

As I feel it too

Let’s open our hearts and

Minds and co-create

And anchor in 5D Earth with our

Beloved Ascended Mother Earth

She is whispering to us

She is guiding us there

Walking the 4D Bridge onto the 5D Earth

She is asking us to come into our hearts

To quieten our minds and REALLY listen

To reactivate our remembrance as many

Of us have walked this path before

We have been in training in past lifetimes

We are the strongest of the strong

She is asking us to Co=create Heaven on Earth

Creating Unity Consciousness

It Begins with us

The Age of Miracles & Civilisation 1.0 begins with us

Let’s take this journey together

Choose Love Everyday

Embody Heaven On Earth!! 

Follow Your Hearts Desires!!

With Love Always,

Anna ❤❤❤✨✨✨

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