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How to Become a Magnetic Sales Queen a Divine Influencer

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If you’re like most heart-centred entrepreneurs, you really don’t enjoy the thought of selling your products or services. It feels icky, pushy and inauthentic. 

But what if I told you that you could become a magnetic sales queen without having to change who you are? 

All it takes is some simple mindset shifts and proven formulas that I’m going to share with you in this post. 

Selling Kinda Sucks. Especially if you don’t know how to sell Right? 

And if you’re like most Female Entrepreneurs I work with, you got into the business because you want to help more people…

There’s something about a powerful Queen that just commands attention. She knows her worth, she knows her power and she isn’t afraid to use it. 

This is especially true in the business world, where being a magnetic sales queen can make all the difference. 

So how do you become one? It starts with understanding your own worth and then learning how to tap into your power and charisma. 

Here are three tips to get you started!

Tip One – Algin yourself to your heart and call in your soul and high councils and connect to the person whom you will be helping energetically.
Have a chat with them energetically first and let them know how you can help them.
This will help you come from a place of service.
The person with whom you will connect will feel this energy from you.
It will help you to build a fast rapport and gain trust quickly. 

Tip Two – You are not a salesperson. You are a Queen & an expert in your field. You’re passionate about what you do and genuinely be excited about how you can solve their problem.
Shift your thinking from Selling to Serving.
I want to remind each and every one of you that you are here to serve your marketplace.
You are giving them the necessary tools they need to either get out of pain or get into pleasure.
Solving their problems. It’s this simple. 

Tip Three – Learn how to make people feel safe and comfortable with you. Learn psychology and human behaviour, NLP in rapport building and effective communication.

It’s your job to make them feel at ease and comfortable with you.
Effective communication skills are an important part of any working or personal relationship.
The stronger the connection with others, the more you are able to understand and empathize with them.
Human beings can build rapport by connecting through shared interests, mutual understanding and empathy. It’s great to use humour to break the ice and build trust.

Products and Services Do not Sell themselves. 

You will start getting money when your future clients feel supported and grow to like, know and trust you because you’re finally being INTENTION and following a FORMULA and how you market yourself every day and showing up confidently and powerfully, owning your message and Activation creating a Plan and asking for the business. 

The right Sales Strategies don’t INCREASE SALES in your business it also
‘Establishes credibility and authority in your Marketplace! 

Helps you leave behind the sales strategies that ARE NOT FUN and take up all your time! 

Prevents Refunds and repelling those who aren’t actually the right fit for your offerings. 

Creates Momentum and energy that people are drawn to because they are loving your content and want MORE? 

And. It does all of this for you without YOU feeling like it’s heavy, hard or not fun because if it ain’t fun… you aren’t doing it! 

Imagine you are impacting so many lives and being rewarded financially. 

What will this do for your business and family? 

If you want to become the Sales Queen and Influencer of your industry, it’s time for a new mindset. You can do this by changing how you think about yourself (and others).
The first step is to stop thinking of sales as “selling” or pitching; instead, see them as conversations that are helping people make better decisions.
Once you change your mindset, the next steps will be easy!

Let’s talk about how we can make this work together!
Book yourself a discovery call with me and let’s get started on what it will take for you to become the Sales Queen that everyone is talking about or at least an influencer who has people listening up when they speak because of their expertise. 85% – 100% enrollments? Yes, please!

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