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How to Clear Your Energy Blocks, FAST!

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Let’s shift gears and talk about Clearing Your Energy. 

What about if there are blocks in you. You clear your Energy. 

If you have been affected already you now have to clear your Energy. 

When your energy gets full you clear it. And there are so many different levels. 

This is a powerful tool you can use right now. 

You have your auric field – There is energy that affects you there. 

And it goes deeper and affects you in your Chakras, Your Energy Centres of your body. 

Then beyond the Chakras, it goes deeper and affects your physical body. 

Your Organs, your tissues your blood. All that. 

And then if it gets deeper it gets down in your DNA level, Your Cells and it gets past down generationally. 

That’s how generational blocks happen. 

Are blocks that are so potent, unreleased, unhealed and get down to the cellular level and if you can pass on diseases to other people you can pass down energetic blocks. 

So all that happens. 

How do you Release it?

First of all, let’s go over all the different energy systems in your body, the Chakras. There are hidden ones as well. 

The first one is Crown Chakra – you can google chakras and see what it looks like. 

It is responsible for any kind of message, divine love comes in here. Wisdom, Intuition. So if it’s blocked you will have issues with that. 

Then you have the Third Eye – this is how you are able to tune in and connect, so if you are an empath your tuning to people and the energy comes into your third eye, most of the time. 

When you see things in other realms, you see colour, you see spirits. You know things. 

You have the ear chakras, left and right. The right side, is typically is associated with Male Energy. 

Left is female energy. 

It absorbs the things we hear. 

If someone is sad you hear their voice and it affects you. 

Throat Chakra – where you speak your truth. So if you have blockages in speaking your truth and being heard it’s your throat chakra. 

Heart Chakra, any time you have blockages with receiving. The power centre has to do with standing in your power. YOu will feel it in your heart chakra. 

Sacral Chakra – just below the belly button. It has to do with Creation, your sexual energy, and desires for what you want to create in your life. If you have blocks directed to this it is there. 

Root Chakra – Around your tail bone. It has to do with benign grounded, money and survival stuff. 

There are a lot more chakras for example some energy centres in your palms. There are chakras in your feet as well. The souls of your feet there are energy centres there as well. If your feet get hot, we store a lot of energy there. 

Then you have your auric field – it’s like your energetic skin that absorbs energy that is around you. 

It gets deeper. When you are not able to deal with the blocks and they keep overflowing, they start to affect your organs, your muscles, your tissues, calls and down to the DNA level. 

Tune into yourself and see which chakras are blocked. 

Some exercises are very powerful. 

So clearing there are a lot of ways of doing this. I will go over a few different ways. 

I’m going over natural ways to heal and then what we can do energy-wise. 

When we have an overwhelming of energy we feel bad, there is a spiral. We get overwhelmed. Moving the body really helps. Work, out, dance, run, swim, walk, and ride a bike. We come with techniques that do the job. Shaking your body. Physical movement.

Isolation – being alone for half an hour. 

When you are by yourself you’re not taking on other people’s energy. 

Naturally, you are clearing yourself. Naturally, you are releasing and clearing for some when they are by themselves. 

For some, it is the elements. The Earth, wind, fire and water. For example, being in the ocean. Salt baths clear all the excess energy that is typing you over. 

Where it gets debilitating, there is an overflow and it gets too much so you can breathe and operate in life. 

For some, it’s feet on the ground. It’s about going to walk in nature with the breeze on their face. 

For some, it’s the sunlight. That’s why if they are living in an area there is not a lot of sun they feel gloomy and down, depressed or sad. 

For some, it’s the wind. 

For some it’s fire. Hanging around fire helps. 

For some, it’s being around loved ones because their hearts open up. 

For some, it’s being around animals, dogs, horses, cats etc. 

Dogs are great at holding space for you to clear your energy.  

Dogs are with you and they go outside to the toilet they send negative energy to the ground. 

They get rejuvenated and then come back inside. 

They help you to release your energy.  

How cool is that!! 

For some, music and sound can help you clear energy. Songs that make you feel happy and joyful. It brings those high vibrations out of you. Sound can create or destroy. Back in the day when opera singers hit the high c and hold a glass and it can break. 

For some it’s chrystals. For example, citrine crystal helps clear energy. Typically combination is good. Smoking quarts, Obsidian helps block out negative energy. Citrine carries the energy of the sun and it helps clear the negative energy of other crystals. 

Leave crystals in the moonlight. Put it outside to clear or citrine carries the energy of the sun. 

For some, it’s incense or sage. Palo santo. God higher power please help me remove and clear out energy throughout the day. So you have the fire element and the smoke has clearing properties. You can run the smoke on all your energy centres to take the edge off. To release all the stuck energy that was trapped and blocked and auric field. And gives you breathing room and sometimes that’s all we need. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have some breathing room. 

For some people, it’s creating something. Painting, building a cabinet, gardening, reading, cooking. Do stuff that releases energy. 

For some, Laughing helps. You’re laughing your joyful, higher vibration. All the things that don’t belong they release. And you feel good, You feel that different.

Sleeping is super powerful. When you sleeping what is happening Your mind is out of the way. Your Soul comes down clears your body, and removes all your energy and you wake up and it’s gone. You feel lighter as your mind tends to get in the way. 

Breathwork is an amazing tool.  

Singing, expression. 

Try as many combinations out for you. 

All these work and they are great. 

The reality is to do this before you get too triggered. Its food nourishment for your soul and energy. 

Do all this when you don’t need to. Do it because it fuels the soul. 

Taking a shower, crying release. 

They are work and helpful. 

When we binge on sugar and alcohol, it weakens our chakra. Your craving your body needs help. 

Look at yourself with non-judgmental eyes. Why are you craving that? Why do you want that? 

Understand yourself. This is what you doing to meet that need. 

Understand it and use other resources to meet that need. 

It will help a lot. We eat to address what is going on energetically. For example, if your feel floating you may eat burgers, and fries so get grounded again. You may have a need to be grounded. 

For example, if you are too physically connected to somebody. 

Drink wine, and eat sweets they binge on. 

They do something it weakens that connection and relaxes again and finally breathes. 

There are different reasons why you binge eat and once you understand why you do them, the reason beyond them, You understand them then you have freedom.

Most of us were not taught about looking from an energetic perspective. 

There is more than one way to do something. 

When you start to understand why you do things and stop shaming yourself and feeling guilty. 

You start understanding yourself. Loving yourself.  

Wow, I did the best that I could, back then I had no resources. 

Now that I know better I can learn better, I can expand and I can have more options. 

It’s very different however it will give you Freedom. 

It will free you from self-judgment and shame. 

You are looking at things not from human eyes. From God’s/source eyes It’s holistic.

Energetic chords. Your walking next to somebody your energy fields attach and then chords attach. 

Depending on how sensitive you are. 

You may be a feeler a knower or an embodier..whichever you are and your feeling the other person. 

Chord happens all the time. 

An energetic chord can happen virtually. 

That’s why sometimes when you’re going by your day and you get hit by anxiety and worry about bills. 

This is not how I normally feel or worry about. 

Then 15 minutes I get a call from my mom and she’s worried about or anxious about a bill. 

I was feeling her energy as she was going through it before she actually called me. 

I was connected to her and she was far away. 

You don’t need to be around someone to affect them. And for them to affect you. 

There is a flip side to this as well. 

If somebody can affect you negatively you can also affect them positively. T

his is a gift. It goes both ways. 

Once you start shining your light and shining it bright and you step into these practices and you elevate your energy you can CHANGE THE WORLD. 

You can change people around you. 

Whoever you believe in look at one light being (mother mary) in their gift shining her light affect billions of people. 

Even when they pass over. 

They chose to shine their light and they affect everybody else long after they are gone. 

That’s the power when you shine your light and you step into it. 

Yes, people can affect you but you realise you are a FORCE for good in this world. 

There are two parts two the story and I would like you to expand on how you think about that. 

Yes, you’re an empath however Yes you can be a force for good. 

Chords, how do you deal with it. There are a few ways. Chords happen all the time. You feel other people’s feelings or collective emotions. 

Feeling people’s energy as are going through it. 

A few exercises and try it out. 

  1. Cutting chords 
  2. Love Bubbles 

Pick one that works the best for you. 

First Set and intension – it happens at an intension level..It’s done. 

In the beginning, before I even cut chords. 

Before cutting chords and energetic intentions. Put yourself in a shield or vortex. You can build one around with your hand. 

With the intention anything outside external that comes in gets sent down to the ground or sent to the sky to be cleared or transmuted with love. 

Anything I release within me doesn’t get sent out to other people I send it back to the source to get transmuted with love to be cleared. 

God, power universe please help me release the chords that are attached to (you can name a specific person or all the chords that are meant to be with me and more I release them. 

God, higher power, universe release All the chords that are draining me of my energy and vitality and all negative chords I’m not supposed to be experiencing right now. 

Please let me release it for the highest good of all. And so it is.

Set the intention, I build the vortex around myself. 

Next, I imagine that light white, it can be purple, green, or gold. I imagine this coming down from the sky and picking left or right hand it doesn’t matter. 

I turn it into a sword of that colour and wait until it intensifies at level 10 strength. 

I then cut chords. At the top, cut it with love, front-back, feel it, see it. 

Underneath my feet and when it’s done I create a sweeping motion and feel I’m sweeping all the chords from the top of my head all the way to my feet with love and sending it back to the source. 

With Love. 

Some people use scissors, you can pull the chords out, some use vacuums, and send it off to the source. 

Take as long as you need. 

When you have done next is to replenish yourself with white light, purple or gold. Fill all the areas up. 

Rejuvenate and replenish yourself. 

Try it out. 

Let me know how you feel. How was it for you? 

You realise how much you have been carrying for some people. 

Another technique you can try is Love Bubbles. 

You want to feel free and peaceful so you may do this several times per day. 

Get used to it. 

It will get to a point where you only do this a few times per year because your vibration is high. 

Having the tools will support you.

You can do this on-demand anytime you like even with your eyes closed as well. 

Love bubbles are very powerful.

Think of someone who has been affecting you the last few years or even the last two weeks.  

For example, my mum taught me, unconditional love. 

My mum used to affect me so much until I learned this. 

Everything that I did was not BE like my mum. 

My motivation was I’m not going to be like my mum. 

This would fuel me. I wanted to be the opposite of her. 

That was my driving force. 

When she used to affect me a lot was a love bubble. 

Try it out.

Set the intention – God, higher power, universe please help me release all energetic chords attached to (name of person). 

When a negative chord is attached to your love is the ONLY  way to really release it.  A way that doesn’t affect you. 

So what do you do? It’s simple 

Set the intention to imagine the person in front of you. 

First, fill yourself up to elevate yourself. Requesting to fill myself up with Divine Love, Unconditional Love,

Imagine it coming down from the source remember it can be any colour, purple, magenta, gold, blue whatever is the colour for you. 

Turn up the colour and make it stronger and stronger, fill yourself up with it.  

Look at the person in front of you and imagine the same colour coming down and wrapping them around in this colour in a sphere of love, pyramid or vortex. 

Fill it up as much as you can and when you are ready send them off in that bubble. 

Imagine them being sent far away and disappearing. 

So it no longer affects you. 

The combination of the love and sending it of snaps and detaches the chords that are attached to you and you can both be free. 

Try this out for the next minute or so. 

A more loving way to cut chords. 

Both of these practices work very well. You can lump people up on a big bubble as well. 

All that matters you are sending off their energy and it no longer affects you. Your quality of life. 

Your well BEING and it’s not operating within you. 

You may get a headache or nauseous it’s a by-product of releasing all that negative energy at once. 

Make sure you drink lots of water. 

You may need to rest. Some people are energised some people need to rest. 

After you realise energy. Be mindful of your energetic state. 

You may be tired for the rest of the day. 

You are releasing years and decades of attachment. 

You’re releasing and removing your body acclimating, there has been so much energy so you can be tired. 

The energy no longer affects you. 


Let’s have a look at The next Practice For you. 

Let’s say your throat chakra is blocked. How do you clear it. 

A simple way of clearing it. Whatever you remove you have to replace it. 

When your remove stuff it creates a void. What happens to the void they get filled up. 

Rather than leaving it a chance you chose to fill it up. 


What happens is your throat chakra is blocked. 

The most powerful is the simplest. 

Set the Intention – God, source, energy, high council please help me remove all the trapped energy that is in my throat chakra for the highest good of all. 

Fill Yourself up from the source, pick a hand and fill up with light, make it strong a 10/10.  

Use your hand to clear the energy from your throat. 

Cutting all the energies, all the blocks, or for some people, it’s pulling it out. 

Removing, all toxic lower energies from my throat. 

Energy blocks that I have absorbed are ready to be released for the highest good of all. 

Scoping it off and sending it to the source to be transmuted. 

Fill back up with white, purple and gold filling it up. 

You’re connecting to Divine Power, and Healing and rejuvenating you. 

YOU may be yarning to release, you may have tears in your eyes. 

Some are flooded with emotions. It’s different for everyone. 

Set the intention to be filled up with love and light. 

You can also be replenished with Mother Earth and ground yourself as well. 

Come back to earth and stabilise. 

Imagine roots coming out of your feet and send to the centre of the earth and wrapping around the core of Mother Earth. 

Breath in the energy of Mother Earth, come through your feet grounding and loving your body.

Make sure you’re centred is aligned and present. 

I hope this serves you. 

The next Blog will Be How To Raise Your Energy, FAST!! 

Stay tuned…

Be, Do, Have Your Heaven On Earth!

With Love Always,


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