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How to Protect Your Energy FAST

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We are being bombarded with energy all the time, from EMF, Wifi, and other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our energy. 

Some of us can feel other people’s pain in our physical bodies. Other people’s energy affects us. Protect your energy so that you know what is yours and what is NOT. 

Know that you can have your own energy so that you can breathe at the beginning. 

That is the Intension.

The more you raise your vibration the less you have to protect yourself. 

In the beginning, you are overly protecting yourself, you’re trailing it out. 

You’re seeing what’s yours and what’s not. 

It gets to a point where I don’t have to protect myself as much as I used to.

My Vibration is my protection.

This is the goal this is where you are heading to. 


In the beginning your actively pursuing it.

The Goal – Your Vibration is Your Protection!!

I look at vibration, for example, you’re walking and someone sees you and throw the rock and hit you and it affects you. 

When a plane reaches a certain altitude and that person tries to through the rock and they throw the ball and they can’t reach you. 

Then another vibration the plane hits a certain vibration and that person can’t even see you, they can’t see the plan. 

They don’t even know the plan even exists. 

As hard as they can they look at the clouds they can’t even see them. 

It’s beyond their visibility. Beyond their reach. They don’t know what is going on up there and you don’t know what is going on down there. 

That’s your goal – it gets you a place where your vibration becomes your protection.

Energetic Shields and why they are important.

They have been my saving grace for a long time and now not so much anymore. 

Do you feel every bodies energy? 

Do you go out shopping and feel everybody around you so much your body heats up and have to leave. 

If so, What I”m about to teach you will really help. 

Do you want to feel safe? 

Do you want to feel calm? 

Do you Feel like you don’t have to hide?

That the world is not out to get you? 

 Do you want to be yourself, Actually enjoy even the basic pleasures of life? 

This is very very powerful. 

It comes in three Steps. 

We are going to do all three today. I recommend practising this. 

When you shield there are three things we do. Three main elements. 

  1. The Power of Intension 

The intention is Extremely powerful. It can be a stand a long technique. 

  1. We are going to be playing with Light. Light Therapy. 

Because Light is a vehicle from getting one place to another. Fastest as possible. 

  1. Sacred Geometry 

Sacred Geometry is the container – it helps amplify it. Helps magnify it. Helps really strengthen things.

Pulling in light from one area to another, this light transmits energy. 

And when it’s housed in sacred geometry, it magnifies energy. With Intention, it’s just a POWERHOUSE. 

When you start layering techniques for example Intensions, sacred geometry and light and you start doing that it’s a layering effect. 

One Layer magnifies the other and it creates a stronger foundation and structure with the overall effects your going to experience. 


The First intension is Intension – whatever vibration your on when we say a prayer and intensions can move mountains. 

When you set it right, not from your human story but your soul. A part of you that is higher power and divine. 

The call is ALWAYS heard. Whether or not you know it. 

The intention is very important. 

How to set an intention – Call on God, power, universe, angels, arc angels, ascended masters, galactic family. 

Whatever you believe in. 

Everybody here has different beliefs. 

Call in whatever version of your higher power you believe in and set an Intension. 

Eg. Help me in discovering how to protect my energy from negativity? The things that drag me down unnecessarily. 

I call upon my higher power to be with me now, I set the intention to (fill in the blanks)

For me, intention and prayer are the same. 

Now – I invite you to experiment with different light. White light, purple, green, blue, orange, and pink light. 

Try on different colours for you. 

I would like for you to imagine a light coming down from the source down onto your crown chakra and down your body. 

Light is a powerful Energy. 

And filling your entire body with White Light, all your cells, your organs, your blood, your entire Energetic body. 

See what you see, feel what you feel. Breath it into your body and cells. 

Fill up. 

When you’re done, try purpose, gold, and pink and see what different colours do for you. 

Once you find one that is super strong and it feels really strong one for protection in you. 

Keeping you safe. 

I would be interested to know what your colour is in the comment below. 

Remember to be in your heart and not in your head. 

Pick a colour, try it out, really feel it, make it brighter or make it more intense please do so. 

Typically you will find one you will resonate with that really does the job of lifting you up and protecting you. 

Sometimes you may be surprised by what colour it is. Then you try and it makes the difference. 

Sounds Good? Yes, Yes!!

Go ahead and try that out… 

Some days the colour may even change. Feel free to follow the intuition that shows up for you. 

If it’s black for you then it’s black. It’s also a colour of protection. 

Colour has a consciousness of its own beyond human understanding. 

Don’t judge them, use them to help us live better lives.

Cool, Right? 

Black absorbs negative energy so that you don’t have to. Look at the crystal obsidian, tourmaline. 

They are all protection crystals.  

It could be more than one colour. White and Gold, Blue and Purple. 

You get to use what works for you. 

Now you have your colour we are going to add sacred geometry. 

Sacred Geometry is SO POWERFUL. 

It’s been called the language of God because it’s EVERY Where. 

It’s in Nature, in the spirals in sea shells, the things in the ocean and the patterns in flowers and trees. All the way down to Our DNA. 

Look at an octahedron it’s two pyramids back to back. 

It’s everywhere, it’s outside of us in the mystery of the world – the pyramids of Egypt, sacred geometry shaped to designs of flowers, everything around us and everything within us as well. 

We respond so well to sacred Geometry because it’s within us. 

It’s the language of creation or the language of God. 

Everywhere you see. 

If you google it, sacred geometry in nature, plants, and humans is everywhere. 

We are going to experience it. The Goal here is.

Sacred Geometry Can house Energy. It can hold it. It can protect. It can amplify. It can access different states of consciousness. It can help speed up healing.

We are going to play with three today. Pyramids, Sphere and Spirals.  

Fun fact – pyramid – patients who have had buns put them in a pyramid they healed faster. Brain tumors – lived longer. 

They put an apple in the pyramid of Geeza, it would decay less. 

If you google it people put pyramids on top of fruit and vegetables,  they stay fresher and longer. Put it over water and it charges water. 

Pyramids are Super Powerful.   

Notice your body reacts to Sacred Geometry. 

Now I would love for you to try it out. 

Let’s play and see what works for you. You can use this for today, tomorrow and the rest of your life to thrive and enjoy life and gift the gifts we are here to do. 

What I would like for you to do is try on three different Sacred Geometries. 

And let me know which one worked for you? 

So, firstly put yourself in a pyramid, it can be big or small. 

Get creative within the pyramid and once you have figured that out right now imagine the colour that works best for you coming down from the heavens and filling the entire pyramid and yourself with that colour protecting you. 

See it, hear it or feel it or just know it’s there for you. TRUST. 

When you set the intention it WILL happen for you. Your Guides, God, and Higher power will make it happen. 

Your logical mind is not in charge let, ‘s go your soul is in charge here.  

Now Try it out in a sphere, You are inside a bubble. It can be as big or small as you desire. Bring down your colour and feel, see, here or just know this is happening. 

The Third Sacred Geometry to be inside is Vortex. Now imagine there is a whirlwind around you. Then bring in your colour and see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear or just Know this is happening. Or You can even try a Merakabh around you and bring in the colour/s. 

Which Sacred Geometry worked for you and how do you feel about each. The feeling is really important. 

It can be peace… or love, joy etc. 

You want to Embody the feeling of this. Dive deep into this. 

How was that, how was this experience? 

Do this before you go out, in the morning as you wake up, before a meeting. Before an intense conversation so you’re not taking on other people’s stuff. 

Before you do Anything. 

Especially before you go into an environment that can affect your Energy you can do this. 

Here are some other things mainly for protection. 

There are some parameters you can use because you can tweak the intention. 

For example when your set the intention and you’re going to a shopping centre for the next two hours. 

Say, God, Higher Power, Source, please let help me create this protection around me for the next three hours. 

You can set a timeline or for as long as I need it today. 

You want to be able to know what the feeling is like for that particular time frame. 

You want to know how your body interacts with and without the protection. 

In the beginning shorter time frame and an hour two hours, or three hours. 

GEt into the practice of having them and removing them. 


In the beginning – Please block out and protect me from all negative energy that can drain me for the highest good of all.  

Or you be – I would like for you to protect me from all the things I”m not supposed to experience for the highest good of all. 

There can be different applications for it. 

For Protection, you can use it for different reasons. For pets, children, family members etc. 
Remember if you can’t visualise it just know it’s happening.

This definitely does work.

The biggest gift to how to view look at it from different time frames. 

When you look at yourself, and your spiritual evolution you are like a flower that is in the process of blossoming. 

You cannot control or judge a flower by how quick or slow it blossoms.

You provide the elements, the sun, water, fertilizer whatever it needs and through time it will open. 

If you try to force it open before it’s ready, it doesn’t. You hurt it. 

If you think it’s a failure because it’s day two and it hasn’t opened yet and it opens on day 35. 

Don’t look at it from a small timeframe then your not going to be accurate. 

You will only feel suffering and pain. 

You’ve got to give it a chance to blossom and not in the time frame you should it be. 

Because things happen not on your time. It happens in Divine Time. 

Protect Your Energy is one. 

Vibration is Another. 

My next Blog will be About How To Clear Your Energy Fast. 

I hope this serves you. 

Be, Do and Have Your Heaven on Earth! 

With Love Always, 


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