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How to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest FASTER

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I get asked this question a lot. “How can I raise my vibration and Manifest Fast?”

The Quick Answer is – Consistent Manifestation is The Embodiment of Unconditional Love❤️❤️❤️

Philosophy – Unconditional love – seeing yourself as healed and whole. 

Key: To live on the frequency of what you wish to create. 

Frequency – Love and Above! 

So we are not reaching outside of ourselves.

We are always chasing it. 

When we are Being that frequency then comes from within and we magnetise to us faster. 

Specific root to psycho illness – the root belief is always where we go to release trauma. 

Imagine you are a tree and if you are only addressing the symptoms which are the branches of the tree.

However, if you address the belief that has caused the trauma or belief you are going straight to the root and when we do this we are able to manifest very quickly. 

We do not have to go back to the trauma – we work on the belief that trauma was created. 

If you are looking at the symptom You became a fractal of yourself instead of your whole self. 

Work on the belief that was created the pattern or subconscious belief. 

We are manifesting from programing, traumas or perceptions to keep ourselves safe. 

We do not work on the branches, we go into the deepest root. The root is in the funkiest of places. 

Ask Yourself this question? 

What would it take to know the belief that created my reality? 

The heart is the greatest manifestation tool. 

We are energetic beings, we are always manifesting. 

We manifest the subconscious reel. 

Movie reel, the same movie all the time. 

The subconscious stores most stuff, we know our reactions come from our subconscious. 

There is a specific movie that plays over and over again. 

Our neurological pathways have wired us = we put a meaning to it and it doesn’t serve us. 

Self Mastery or Manifestation!  

We dive into our minds and don’t have to uncover all our traumas – I’ve noticed magic happens. 

When we assume responsibility without guilt or shame we realise we can master ourselves. 

Absolute Mastery is a manifestation in many ways. 

How do we interact with the world? 

How do we further produce our reality?

When we see the world differently the world changes. Self-mastery will give us consistent outcomes. Because we become a master of our Energy. 

Neuroscience – Quantum and Metaphysics 

Science is still figuring stuff out. 

We are proving what ancient wisdom has already shown. 

Basic level – pieces relate to manifestation from the neuroscience level. 

Mirror neurons – in simplistic form – when we are children are mirroring the world around us. 

So if we have experienced trauma (this is stored in our subconscious as programs) at this age we don’t have the coping mechanisms yet and make decisions that will impact us when we are older. 

We make decisions from that space and it may have worked back then to survive and now when we are adults it no longer works as we get triggered. 

How do mirror neurons affect emotions?

As it turns out, our mirror neurons fire when we experience an emotion and similarly when we see others experiencing an emotion, such as happiness, fear, anger, or sadness. 

When we see someone being sad, for example, our mirror neurons fire and that allows us to experience the same sadness and to feel empathy. 

Have you noticed when we hang with loving abundant people your neuro is mirroring theirs? 

If you choose to be low vibration and people same happens. 

The more people we hang out with the neurology we want, the more life, perceptions and belonging to the loving, abundant community. We mirror the people we spend time with. 

Because of neurological pathways. 

Whenever we have different thoughts – it wires in different pathways – the brain will shoot or fire and wire together. 

We can change this, the brain can in fact wire itself. When we have a belief it will fire and wire itself there… 

It creates our emotions. 

When we are over the age of 25 it’s a little more difficult and is possible to change however it is possible. 

Did you know our brain scans our neurological pathways and this is called Brain pruning? 

That’s right, cool hey!

Every time you have a thought – it fires and wires together. 

For example, If you keep saying and thinking, I love myself. 

A week neurological pathway starts to fire and the brain will do a scan and strengthen the pathway for you. 

Brain Pruning will cut the stuff not being used as much. 

If you can over time or very quickly – those pathways will become an automatic response – and we don’t do the self-defeating thought. 

Consistent thoughts get rewarded with dopamine. 

Why do some people fight for their crapy life? 

Because it’s like a hit. We get addicted to the hit. 

Shift to positive thoughts and you still get that dopamine hit. 

The Dominance Frequency Effect 

The idea of us having typically a dominant energy – most often or emotion we sit in. 

Regardless of what you experience most often – eg. sitting in anger a lot what we want to do starts interrupting our experience of how long the anger stays with us. 

Instead do check-in and replace the emotion with joy. 

What will happen is,  Overtime 80% of the anger will shift and drop by 20% when we consciously replace it with joy, and love – over time dominant frequency is changed. 

Replace what we don’t desire with what we do. 

Do Frequency Energetic check-ins. 

I would recommend setting your phone alarm clock to go off every hour. 

Ask Yourself, How do I feel, what is the main emotion I am experiencing? 

Where thoughts Flow Energy Goes.  

How do we direct our thoughts and our consciousness? 

Our conclusions fuels our reality – whatever you focus on that what your attention to – what you bring your attention to creates action or behaviours to it. 

Through what we desire to what we don’t desire. 

Emotion creates awareness – it is our consciousness – a singular consciousness builds our reality. 

  1. The Mind
  2. The Emotions 

I also recommend writing out. What a perfect day looks and feels like to you. For example, how you want to feel, and what experiences you desire. 

When I did this within a really short time I was living it. 

It felt like magic. 

Clearing the Blocks  

When we get Triggered, have a plan to interrupt how we feel. 

When we get triggered – we need to interrupt – don’t get emotional, instead Get Curious. 

We want to interrupt that trigger – you want to stop that flow – of the pathway of the wiring which is not working – stopping that flow of energy literally the electricity. 

Create a Pattern Interrupt – because it stops the flow of energy – you’re in charge of yourself therefore you will be in charge of reality thereafter. 

Three different versions of pattern interrupt – when we get triggered. We can shift that pattern. We want to interrupt the energy. 

Having these three are important as when we are really triggered we can change this state. 

  1. Physical Interrupt – jump up and down or dance  – physical movement – have to try a couple out in real-time to see what works. Change the state you are in. We are the same but so not the same. 
  2. Mental, Emotional – conversation with myself in my head – see the person wearing princess custom – feel a little different about it. Feel a whole different. 
  3. Something spiritual – pray, meditation, breath work. 

When feel triggered you feel separate. Spiritual patterns interrupt so that you can feel supported. 

The roller coaster Effect and The flow of life 

What happens is – something we are in resonance with shows up next space in between before the trigger – what we tell ourselves – that still needs to be lovely looked at and observe. 

Then we get triggered.  

Because we do not interrupt it we begin the descent. 

Spiralling down towards the basement. 

We keep telling ourselves the old patterns and stories because we didn’t do the pattern interrupt. 

We don’t stop it until we hit the basement until it got bad enough to get out of pain and we reach something too good. 

What is your basement you can look at what is your ceiling as well? 

Break through the ceiling!!! 

For example, Let’s look at Money triggers. 

Take a couple of steps back – Instead of reacting stop yourself and become curious. 

You can even say, I’m curious I”m leaning it…

Am I hitting my Ceiling and Why? 

When you are at your Ceiling ask yourself.

How good will it be too good for things for you? Or How good can you handle it? 

Let’s look at your basement. 

When you’re in your Basement (low vibe) 

How bad will things be until I do something about it? 

What is the level that I will accept? 

Does that feel good? 

How do I meet that need in a proactive way? 

Second Piece –  Attach a reward to it. Juicy reward. Attach a reward to doing the work. 

And Create a new Rule. 

For Example, If I am growing personally, being authentic and willing to lean into myself then I will receive the financial abundance that I am meant to receive. 

I want to be in peace. 

Every time I grow – I feel at peace and financially abundant.  

When I speak my truth, I receive financial abundance from known or unknown resources. 

The more I change my life or other people’s light I am rewarded financially. 

Catch your thoughts.

Asking Yourself More Questions and say them out loud to the Universe. 

What would it take for me to Have…(fill in the blanks) Everything in the way of me having this I delete un-create and De-story through all times space reality, past present and future, And So It Is. 

What Frequency Do I need to be so I can hold more money in my field so I accumulate money?

Everything in the way of me having this I delete un-create and de-story through all times space reality, past, present and future. And So It Is. 

Ask yourself, how can I love myself unconditionally more every day? 

Enjoy and be curious especially when you are triggered and take yourself through the process. 

You’ve got this. 

Remember being the frequency of your desire is the key to manifesting fast!! 

Call in the highest version of yourself and be her now. 

Sit in your heart space and feel love, breathing in and out love and send it out to the universe and bring it back into your heart space. 

Be, Do, Have Your Heaven on Earth! 

With Love Always, 


p.s. Keep the Momentum Going and Get all the Coaching, Healing, and Support You Need to Create a Life of Total FREEDOM, Abundance, Joy, Purpose, Peace, and True Fulfillment.

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