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My Divine Energetic Sales and Influence Journey

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Hi, I’m Anna Willey. I am a Business Coach. I specialise in helping Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Change Makers, Healers and 10X, 20X, 40X your sales and impact more lives.

 If you are striving to Make more consistent sales to have more freedom in your business, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and How to Enroll Your Ideal Avatar/Dream Clients into Your Program or courses, Master Minds or One one on sessions with 85% to 95% Closing Ratio. then I can DEFINITELY help you.

 I am a specialist in How to convert your leads to happy paying clients and become a 6 or 7 Figure Influencer to live your life of Freedom and Abundance.

 At a very young age, I was very shy and I felt I needed to get out of my shell. I wasn’t very good at meeting new people and starting up conversations. 

So in my early 20’s, I choose a journey into Direct Sales. At the time I felt it was the best industry for me as I know there was so much personal development. 

I chose a direct sales company that was selling amazing cookware selling health and nutrition and went on an amazing journey. For me, I have to believe in products and had to give people results.  I had to align to the product connecting my head and heart to what I was selling. 

I read so many sales books, went to many seminars such as sales congress international and just inhaled so much training. I invested so much of my time in reading anything from sales to leadership, mindset. Anything where I can expand and grow. I was watching TV around midnight, there on TV where Tony Robbins was talking about his programs.

In my first week, my Sales manager and his manager invited me to watch them in their sales presentation. 

They were very extroverted and salesy. I thought, wow I can’t do that. That’s not me I was thinking maybe selling isn’t for me. 

I then had an AHA moment and thought. What if I just BE me. I was different from everyone in the company. I was quiet and most of the sales agents were very loud and loved talking. I on the other hand like to listen to people, I realised this gave me an advantage. 

I realised after only three weeks into this role I had a MAGIC formula and understood why I was so successful. I realised I was channelling during my presentations and came from a place of serving them. My other superpower was that I am a great listener and had the ability to build trust very quickly. 

My clients fell in love with me. And were referring me to their friends and family, and they even drew me mud-maps on how to get to their friends or family homes. 

The connection I had with them was AMAZING. I felt so humbled with every person I met along this journey. Knowing the product they were buying from me really changed their lives. 

 Within two months of working in this company with no sales experience, I became one of the top sellers and then I became a sales manager within 3 months and lead a sales team. I was featured in many weekly newsletters as top sales or top manager. They even gave me a company car. I was very excited. 

Previously I was earning maybe $800 per week after tax working 45 hours per week.

 I was earning more than $2000 per week in my 20’s and worked about 25 hours per week and had so much fun meeting so many amazing people travelling around Qld. 

Wow, What a shift I thought. 

I won so many awards and the company bought tickets for me to attend personal development seminars and before Long I had a library of books and CD’s from great people like Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohan. Brian Tracey, Dale Carnegie, and so many more. 

I remember meeting Tom Hopkins in an elevator and he signed my CD’s that the company bought me because I exceeded my sales targets. He was so humbling and we had a great chat. 

Working in the corporate world taught me a lot however I was beginning to feel empty. I went to be feeling I was suppose to do something more…

Fast forward 25 yearts My mission is now is to help Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Changemakers so that we can raise the consciousness and vibe on Earth, create a world where the manifestations of dreams, goals and desires are the norm, and to anchor in 5D Earth. 

I believe everything is possible. 

I now provide spiritual growth and leading business strategies in my Master Class and Coaching programs for heart-centred Business Owners across the globe. 

I’m following my heart’s desires and living my soul’s mission. 

 It wasn’t always this way for me. 

There were Many Obstacles I had to overcome. In my past, I was in a Domestic Violence Relationship and nearly died and left the relationship with thousands of dollars in debt. 

 I knew I had a dream of one day building my dream home on my own. I wanted to become an independent woman. 

I went on a journey to heal and had so many experiences I wanted to tick off my bucket list.

Learning to clear and heal from this relationship, inner child work and past life Trauma and now living my Heart’s Desires. 

I also had to Overcome numerous business setbacks to create The Mission Empire Business Master Class. Releasing slave codes so that I can support spiritual healers and teachers to thrive in their business.

 I know I wouldn’t be here without the support of my mentors in both business and Personal Development and Spiritual Development. 

They have helped me remember who I am and now activate more of my souls’ and sovereignty and started to have memories of different star systems and I now weave the 3D Business Principles along with 12D my spiritual practices to create a business that is soul-aligned. 

From this place, I have received many downloads, created formulas in both sales and business that will help you fast track your business so that you can serve humanity in this time of awakening.

When you are ready to 10X, 20X, 30X your sales and desire to impact more lives, I invite you to reach out to me. I am an expert at teaching you how How to convert your leads to happy paying clients and become a 6 or 7 Figure Influencer to live your life of freedom and Abundance.

I am confident to say I can help you Make more consistent sales to have more freedom in your business, massively increase your turnover (no matter what your offerings are), and I would love to show you How to Enroll Your Ideal Avatar into Your Program or Master Classes and Workshops with 85% to 95% Closing Ratio.!  

If you have a big mission, I am here to serve you and I would be so honoured to help you. And Fast Track your results so that you can serve your dream clients. 

My purpose is to SUPPORT & ACTIVATE Mission Souls in Business. Anchoring the 5D New Earth and Timeline to Create Heaven on Earth. 💎💎

And many, many other women who created income and impact – in many different forms – at the level they once considered impossible.

This, and more, can happen when you take a multidimensional – or energetic if you like – approach to your business.

And the best bit about this? My clients are creating these kinds of quantum leaps by working LESS and BEING MORE.

Now… These phenomenal women have different backgrounds, different niches, different strengths, different “limitations”. And they are at different points in their business journeys.

But they also have a few things in common:  

  • A hunger, and an absolute commitment to make a MASSIVE impact on many lives, including their own. 
  • A commitment to their craft & excellence.
  • They have a phenomenal coach 😉

So today, I’d like to invite you to say,

“No more!” to small thinking and limitations.

“No more!” to working harder than you should

“No more” to NOT being compensated massively for your gifts and work.

… and open yourself to receive limitlessly.

I am here to help you to create extraordinary growth in your business by releasing the limitless power of your energy. . 

Embody Heaven on Earth! 

Follow Your Heart’s Desires!

With Love Always,

Anna xo

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