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My Journey into 3D Matrix & Consciousness

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My Soul chose an abusive relationship (emotional and physical) and this experience to give me the most rapid opportunity for growth.

Relationships mirror to each other the difference of opinion.

When our souls choose the most abusive relationship because we have to stand in our own integrity and authenticity.

The Gift we give others in our lives is our own truth.

And our ability to know we are Divine Master Beings, having this human experience.

And being in our human bodies.

When we GET this Things change in our lives.

The trajectory of our lives and then our relationships then change.

Abusive relationships are about boundaries, sovereignty, standing up for ourselves.

Subconscious Patterns from our childhood and when we shine the light on these beliefs we realise we have chosen a reality from this vantage point without wisdom and making decisions that do not serve us.

As a child we do this to survive and when we grow up we recreate what is hidden in our subconscious beliefs.

We create our world from our beliefs which creates our feelings and our reality.

Soul integration and release limiting beliefs is a journey of self discovery.

We learn about ourselves, we learn how to forgive ourselves and the people around us and we then can choose from a feeling of love as this is our guiding force.

Our beliefs and perception of ourselves change FOREVER.

We can then create a new reality with more fun, more love, more abundance in all forms, spiritual and psychic experiences together.

To Even Having experiences that are multidimensional.

When we come into alignment and within the truth of our souls we will not be manipulated.

We are powerful beings and from a place of strength we have the opportunity to become more peaceful and compassionate people actively working to create a world that mirrors these qualities and more.

Through the Divine Matrix, we have the opportunity to focus on these attributes in our lives applying them as our inner technology of feelings, imagination and dreams.

When we do, we tap the true essence of the power to change our lives and the world.

In many respects, our experiences of the Divine Matrix may be compared to the software that runs a computer. In both, the instructions must use a language that the system understands.

For a computer this is a numerical code of 0s and 1s. For consciousness, a different kind of language is required, one that uses no numbers, alphabets, or even words.

Because we’re already part of the Matrix, it makes perfect sense that we would already have everything we need to communicate with it, without the need for an instruction manual or specific training. And we do.

The language of consciousness appears to be the universal experience of emotion.

We already know how to love, hate, fear, and forgive.

Recognise that these feelings are actually the instructions that program the Divine Matrix.

We can hone our skills to better understand how to bring joy, healing and peace to our lives.

We then become the Artist of creating a world that we truly love.

What world would you love to create?

Start by daydreaming in all areas of your life.

Spend time in meditation to connect to our heart, your soul, your high councils.

Feel how it feels to have our hearts desires NOW.

When you send these high vibe emotions you have created it in the Quantum.

It is Done!

Yes, we are that powerful.

We are the MAGIC.

Then the work from here is to stay in the high vibe emotions.

Allow, surrender. Let go of control.

Focus on something that is joyful and fun.

If we drop emotion into lack or fear then we do the inner work to alchemise these lower frequencies as this is not who we are.

It is not our TRUTH!

We walk through the fear (which is a portal) through to the other side which is Love and Above.

Love and Above emotions is the key to Manifesting our hearts desires.

Did you know that 5D is the Frequency of Love and Above?

The Journey from 3D to 5D is within YOU!!

Pretty cool, Right?

I hope this blog serves you.

Choose Love as your guiding force Every Day.

Choose the highest timeline of love, joy and abundance.

With Love Always,

Anna xo

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Anna Willey Blog
My Journey

My Journey into 3D Matrix & Consciousness

My Soul chose an abusive relationship (emotional and physical) and this experience to give me the most rapid opportunity for growth. Relationships mirror to each


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