From Some Amazing Clients

Anna’s Coaching offers experienced guidance and support which has helped lift my business to a whole new level.

Melissa Gardner

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Founder of Meluka Designs – Interior Styling – Online Workshops 

“Hi I’m Mel, I knew I was shifting into online workshops. This program been very supportive and feels like I have a supportive team behind me. 

Anna’s Coaching offers experience, guidance and support which has helped shift my business to a whole new level. Anna’s program has helped me reconnect to my true soul mission, enabling me to step into the leadership role that I am here to do. 

I love learning about the Multidimensional Business and how to connect to my Galactic Family and High Council as it has enabled me to co-create my mission business with so much clarity with love and compassion. 

Thank you for supporting me in my journey Anna and to see who I really am. It’s been wild!

Anna Willey Judith

I feel so blessed to have gone through the program. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own and it has also helped me fast track my growth.

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Essential Freedom Entrepreneur –Registered Midwife / Nurse –
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner – doTERRA Tree Whisperer – 
Holistic Soul Connecting Wellness

Hi I’m Judith Lane, I am a midwife of 30 years and now setting up my EFT/Matrix reimprinting coaching business.

In the past, I have always struggled with my self-confidence and putting myself out there. I am now going ‘Live’ online promoting myself and my business. I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this in the past. 

Through Anna’s wisdom and guidance, I have gained so much self-confidence. Anna has opened my eyes to my potential. I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would be developing a program to empower people, removing core beliefs and blocks that are holding them back.

Anna’s one on one coaching session is out of this world and I always come away feeling inspired, motivated and elevated. I am excited to take the action steps to complete the home plays. She has also given me more sessions than the program outlined, as I am so excited to take the guided action.

It’s been such an amazing experience.

I have had other business coaches in the past and I can honestly say that Anna is authentic, attentive, fun and is opening my eyes to a new exciting world.

In the past, I would do a program and still procrastinate and not do the action steps. The accountability I have with Anna really helps me to take exciting guided action steps. I’m blown away by how much we have achieved together so far!

Also, my team leader in my MLM business has noticed a huge difference in my confidence, my presence and my connection to self, and has questioned what am I doing differently. When I first started I was unable to fully connect to my higher self and my family of light and in a short time with Anna’s guidance, I am now able to receive guidance and codes to my mission and take action steps towards setting up my business.

What I love most about Anna is I can tell her what I want to create in our coaching sessions and Anna puts together the next action steps. The support, guidance and wisdom she has given me are so valuable that I feel so blessed to have gone ahead with her program. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own and it has also helped me fast track my growth.

Not only am I receiving business action steps, I also love learning how to navigate in the Quantum and how to create my business and life. I’ve cleared so much in a short time as I feel so excited when we meet for one on one sessions and live class. I love how Anna has combined 3D, 4D and 5D and 6D worlds in one program.

I would highly recommend Anna and her program and I am very grateful to be a part of it.

Anna Willey Louise

Anna works in the Quantum field and is very assigned to her mission. She knows the secret sauce to successful business. ​

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Louise Knight

Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Founder of Create Family Happiness. 

I have worked with Anna Willey for nearly 10 years in various capacities and have watched her go from strength to strength. I first met Anna when she was appointed our Sales Manager when we purchased an investment property. 

Her customer service is impeccable. Her systems and processes are excellent, which made our experience seamless. The staff she trained were delightful to deal with as Anna taught them how to bring their heart and soul to their work and within the Quantum field. Something I never experienced with sales staff before. Anna has been teaching this new way of business since 2012. 

Anna’s open hearted way of being, allows others to BE with people in an empowering way. She has leadership skills, tools, experience, and vision to lead individuals and teams in a connected, cohesive, soulful manner. 

She has a great business acumen. Not only does she love the details, KPI’s and figures, Anna works in the Quantum field and is very assigned to her mission. She knows the ‘secret sauce’ to successful business. 

After the three day live online event with Anna in her Business Master Class, I embodied my sovereignty, I received my Queen codes and brought my gifts online so that I can help clear energy and entities easily from a client in my workshop. I believe the work we did over those three days has enabled me to assist this beautiful soul release this non-beneficial entity that wasn’t serving my client. This work is truly powerful and Anna’s activities are very high level. 

I’ve worked with many Marketing Gurus and it was with Anna that allowed me to craft my message and brand from my heart and soul and the words came through so beautifully for my soul tribe. 

I would highly recommend working with Anna and her programs, as I am so honoured to be in her Mission Empire Business Master Class.

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