The Galactic Stargate of the Heart Activations
Online Program

These are Eight Ascent Frequency Attunements and Activations. Come and Activate Your Heart Portal to Receive codes into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this Grid of Divine Love within and around you holding the New Earth Templates!!

You are invited to join us in these Galactic High Vibe New Earth Frequency Attunements and Activations.

The Galactic Stargate of the Heart Attunements are New Earth Templates, presented as a series of eight beautiful attunements and activations, and experienced as vortices of energy wave spectrum frequencies that connect into and through your loving heart in the form of light codes, sacred geometry, sound and colour frequencies.

Additionally, these light encoded Stargate of the Heart Attunements take you deeper into zero point, the infinite, ever-present, Now continuum of Divine Love by expanding the dimensional doorway of your loving heart to the higher dimensions through the Overlighting of the Christed ET’s and your Beloved I Am Presence.

Amplified through scalar energy, photonics light and crystalline plasma light waves, coming through from the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun, these templates are tangibly experienced by the more empathic and sensitive soul.

Healing and frequency remodulation takes place through the lower body, at a cellular level and on all levels of your being as you become both a transmitter and receiver of the New Earth Templates through your multidimensional selves and Beloved I Am Presence.

This Program is coming soon.
These lessons and activations will be available late February 2022.

What Clients Say

Anna Willey Melissa

Anna’s Coaching offers experienced guidance and support which has helped lift my business to a whole new level.

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Melissa Gardner

 Founder of Meluka Design

My name is Mel and I’m the founder of Meluka Design – Interior Styling Workshops that raise your home’s vibration. 

In February, 2021 I started my journey with Anna and her Mission Empire Masterclass Coaching program. With all the changes happening in society, my business needed to make a dramatic shift. I lacked the support and structure needed to create this change. 

Anna’s Coaching offers experienced guidance and support which has lifted my business to a whole new level. Her program has reconnected me to my true soul mission, enabling me to step into the leadership role that I am here to do. 

The group sessions are powerful, as I have the support of Anna and the other students, who’s knowledge and support amplifies the learnings. The Masterclass has created confidence in where I’m heading and I am grateful for all the love and support as we navigate along together.

I highly recommend joining The Mission Empire Business Master Class with Anna as she will support  you in your business and also help you embody your soul and really get clear on your products or service and the best way to market your mission business to the world. 

Thank you for supporting my journey and helping me to see who I really am. It’s been wild and I’m loving it.  Melissa