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What is 5D Business?

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

What is 5D Business?

5D Business Model is a Business that Benefits the Communities and The Planet, Creating Unity Consciousness.

We came here to watch the crumbling of the Old World. We knew we were born into the Matrix System of Control.

Financial System
Economic Systems
Education System
Business Systems
Social Systems
Food Supply
Pharmaceutical & Health Systems

We get to RE-GRID the World and create a world where we are all working for the benefit of the Planet.


New Earth Business becomes a collective – 5D Conscious Business Models.
We get to deactivate Slave codes from these Systems of Control and Activate new Codes and Templates.

Journey of remembering who we are and why we are here
Journey of remembering we are multidimensional BEINGS
Journey of Embodying our Soul into our Physical body
A journey of Seeking Truth
A Journey of asking Questions – such as Who Am I, How does the universe REALLY WORK
A JOURNEY of Sovereignty and Embodiment
A Journey to Create the Golden Age of Miracles Upon the Earth

We get to leave a legacy for the Next Generation and Future Generation to come so that they can thrive and follow their hearts’ Desires.

We get to redefine ourselves and create conscious roadmaps in communication, economic models in creating partnerships and co-creating with our soul and our high councils.

We become Artists and co-create new worlds for ourselves, the market we serve and for humanity.

We become aligned and Activate Our Intuitive so we can connect more to our soul, our high councils, to key past lives that were initiations for this one.

We get to connect to our alternative selves in other dimensions so that we are guided and can align DESTINY with devotion, fun, divine connections and sovereignty. So we can walk our path with Faith and Hope.

We follow our Hearts Desires and take Aligned Courageous Actions Steps.

We become more innovative, adaptive, responsive and transform ourselves and our business to connect to our soul’s Destiny and walk this path with so much reverence and Devotion.

We do the inner work so that we can heal when this happens we become The MAGIC.

We get to redefine our Values.
We get to transform OURSELVES & Our business transforms.
We get to create a kingdom where there is no Hierarchy, instead, we create a council of wise people who are working together. We get to empower Our Communities

We get to Serve the Global Goals.

We get to Collaborate With Many Amazing Souls around the World.

We get to code the internet with our codes so our soul clients can feel us energetically and they know we are here to support them.

New Earth Business isn’t about making Millions of Dollars. It’s a shift from Making Millions of Dollars to a Goal of Impacting Millions of People Instead.

It’s time to upgrade so we can serve our Dream clients and because we do we get rewarded with Abundance. It’s about becoming adaptable with change and the changing environment so that we ALL thrive together.

We get to serve our marketing place and the Planet. Learning to build a purposeful and soulful business that is a force of good and reflects our values and embodies conscious business & spiritual practices.

We activate our Dormant DNA and remember who we are and receive Divine gifts so that we can serve from our highest timeLine.

We unlock our creativity with excitement and this motivates our action steps into creating a business that is truly aligned to our Soul’s Mission – OUR DESTINY.

We create a pathway to our Destiny with our soul and these pathways become clearer and wider as we become the flowing river and then we naturally flow into the Ocean of Abundance.

Here is an Invitation to Anchor in New Earth.

I invite you to do this fun exercise Daily. It’s best in the morning just as you wake up. Do this with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, do this a few times, connect to your heart. Let go of your emotions, come back to a place of neutrality, relax your body. Expand your heart Electromagnetic field all around you. Imagine and set the intent to send a chord of any colour of your choosing from your heart and send it down, down, down into 5D Earth (our ascended Mother Earth).. Breath one with Ascended Mother Earth. Then imagine another chord from your heart and send it up, up, up all the way to source, the womb of no-thing. Breath One with Souce.

Take another breath breathing as one with Ascended Mother Earth, Your Heart and the Heart of Source.

Now Imagine a golden Cylinder coming down from Source down past your body and down into Ascended Mother…this is your column of Ascension… Your own Frequency, Our Soul Blueprint. expand this golden Colum out past your body. Now Activate this by saying, “I activate my column of Ascension and call in 100% of your soul and sovereignty. I call in my High Councils to be with me.”

Now, Imagine a Doorway in front of you, this doorway takes you into the future into 5D Earth.

Ask yourself the following Questions:

What Does Unity Consciousness Feel like? What Does 5D Earth Feel LIke?
What does a world look like when we are all working as one for the Planet?

What does this world look like?

See what you see, feel what you feel. And anchor that emotion, feeling into your heart. Breathe into this emotion fully, Deeply. Send this feeling from your heart out into your Day.

Then come back into your body and open your eyes…

Have a pen and paper in front of you so you can write down what you see, what you felt. Write it all down. When you have finished writing with the word – IT IS DONE.

Do this every day and watch the New World Unfolding in front of your eyes. See the synchronicities line up for you with the people you meet, the ideas that come to you. Know and feel this as your Truth. Write down the miracles that unfold for you as this is evidence for you. Keep a journal of your Miracles as this will allow you to believe and when you Believe you can BECOME This version of yourself. When you find yourself doubting what you can create come back to this Journal and read the words you have written and miracles you have already created as this journal will remind you who are and will bring you back into alignment to who are again. Focus on What you want to create.


BE – Become the Frequency feel into what this feels like. Do the work so you can Become Love or Above.

Now you’re vibing High.

DO – Take the guided action steps.

HAVE – You have received your creation in the 3D World. Living your heart’s Desires.

I hope this serves you dear one.

Congratulations for taking yourself through the process of Anchoring New Earth Templates for the Golden Age of Miracles!! Yah.

Remember the key to Your Destiny is to Follow Your Heart’s Desires Always! Your Highest Excitement.

With Love Always,
Anna xo

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