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What is Soul Blueprint?

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Your soul blueprint is like no other.  No two are alike, making each person’s journey unique and special in their own way–just as it should be! 

When you begin living more closely aligned with your true self (that’s where all of those talents lie), using the knowledge contained within this amazing book called “Soul,” 

Your soul blueprint is the design plan and purpose that you came into this world to experience.

You are a unique individual with your own set of interests, values and priorities that make you special in the world’s eyes! 

When we live our lives according to what makes us feel good (our soul divine plan) then everything changes for good; living out-of alignment creates discomfort which can lead down many different paths – some subtle yet significant depending on how far off track you have been going–the key here being understanding yourself better so as not repeat past mistakes or leave room for doubt about tomorrow because if there ever comes times when life gets tough again hopefully this time around things will go differently. 

When you start living in alignment with your soul, it’s like having the key to happiness.  

You can use this knowledge and information contained within a blueprint of yours as guidance for making new choices that are aligned with what makes sense deep down inside us all: our customised version of life on Earth!

Why is it that some people manifest more quickly than others? 

Most likely, they figured out how to make choices in alignment with their soul blueprint. They have activated and embodied their soul, started to cultivate a relationship with their soul and shared wisdom. 

Choosing what feels good leads us down the path of rapid progress – It fast tracks our EVOLUTION!

Don’t let those blocks hold back your future! If something seems like it’s stopping any chance at happiness or success for now (whether past lives information holds them back currently), then I can help clear away these obstacles so all possibilities are open.

When we embody our soul our pathway opens up fully and we can feel and see the road ahead with Divine Knowing, clarity and set our intentions to create from the frequency of love. 

From this place of high frequency we can send out frequency into the future pathing the way ahead for ourselves following the goosebump moments as we are following our souls journey.  

Benefit of Accessing Your Soul Blueprint

  • Discover who you are at Soul level – your gifts, talents and the challenges you are likely to face as a result
  • Discover how your choices have shaped your life experiences over many lifetimes
  • A clear understanding of how you are meant to express them
  • A clear understanding of blocks and restrictions that have been holding you back
  • Understanding of deep-rooted energetic patterns that may currently be playing havoc with your life
  • Strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Strategies for making new positive, empowered choices
  • Cleansing and clearing of negative influences
  • Releasing and clearing of negative karma and programmes
  • Improved access to Source energy and its healing potential
  • Potential for your life to open up and expand
  • Brings consciousness to your day-to-day choices so you can truly co-create your life
  • Align to your purpose to create flow and Abundance

This is a profound opportunity to radically shift and improve your current experiences, perceptions, and choice, and remove limitations, blockages, and negative patterns.

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